Port authority-led infrastructure and developments | Port of Vancouver

Port authority-led infrastructure and developments

Demand for Canadian trade is increasing, and the Vancouver gateway is growing as a result.?To support our mandate of enabling Canada’s trade objectives, we?work collaboratively with government and industry to fund and deliver infrastructure projects that will support the growth of trade in Canada.?In recent years, the port authority has reinvested about 90% of our profits, or about $80 million per year on average, into infrastructure in the region.?These projects also help to reduce?the impacts of growing trade on the environment and local communities.?

Our focus is on?optimizing the use of existing facilities, building new infrastructure where needed to meet growing demand,?improving rail and trucking corridors,?and constructing marine habitat to offset the impacts of development.?We lead?the?development of common use infrastructure both on and off port?land, while port tenants lead?terminal?improvements. Projects can range from overpasses and large-scale terminal reconfigurations to minor upgrades to existing facilities.?

Growing our port city