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Creating shoreline habitat to support local species

For almost 30 years, we’ve been creating and restoring shoreline habitat to help maintain a balance between a healthy environment and port activities.

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Connecting businesses and communities to the world

From each container loaded, to every ship that sets sail, activities at the port help support local jobs and businesses.

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Laying the foundations for a brighter future

Our infrastructure projects are helping to support businesses and create new jobs, benefiting communities here and across Canada.

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Connecting to protect endangered species

Meet two people connected through their work to protect endangered little brown bats discovered on port land; wildlife biologist Andrea, and Kiyoshi, a lifelong conservationist.

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Bringing safety to the waters

Meet Chris, a senior harbour patrol officer who is dedicated to ensuring the safety of port waters, particularly during the busiest nights of the year.

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Connecting to protect the environment

Meet Carol, a project manager who led an initiative to bring clean energy to port container terminals.

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Connecting people through tourism.

Meet two people connected through Vancouver’s vibrant tourism industry; cruise ship staff captain Wendy, and Roy, a local chef cooking up some of the city’s most mouth-watering dishes.

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Connecting people to promote B.C.’s craft beer.

Meet two people connected through Vancouver’s booming craft beer scene; brewmaster Gary, and Gill, a distributor who helps bring Gary’s beer to the Chinese market.

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